We Are Developing.

Foundations that stand the test of time. 

Nydes Property Development builds new homes and developments; we boast a proud South African construction sector heritage: for almost 23 years the business has been shaped by partnerships and deep collaboration with others as passionate about creating and building as we are. Our team is responsible for project identification, conceptual design, feasibility assessment and project execution (which includes project and development management).

Our approach responds to customer-centric insights along with exemplary architectural, technical and building practices – to create modern homes and developments.

In doing so, we often work together with our sister company, Nydes Construction. Nydes Construction brings a deep understanding of the local context and the unique needs of our clients to our project work. Succeeding in locations where angels fear to tread has served to cement our reputation as trusted consultants, advisors and development partners to our civil and residential clients.

Email us your details and let our qualified agents meet with you to get your dream home onto a plan.